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Have You Ever Find

Yourself Thinking

This Way?

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Many people seem unclear about
what our business does. We want
everyone to comprehend clearly so
they  can understand its value.
Our customers think we’re competent
but impersonal. We’d like them to view
us as  approachable, capable and friendly.
We’re new in this market and
unfamiliar with the way people
communicate here.
It’s time to leave copy-cat marketing
behind and clearly differentiate our offer.
We need help to make that happen.

How we

can help

NSC is a group of experts providing tailor-made, human-centric communications. Our goal is to create long-term relationships between you, your business and its target audiences.

We shape a unique communications approach for you, then put it into action by crafting content, including

  • Websites
  • Videos
  • Articles & posts
  • Internal training materials
  • Sales & pitch presentations
“At the end of the day people won’t remember
what you said or did, they will remember how
you made them feel"
by Maya Angelou

When it

is Useful

NSC partnership is useful when you face challenges such as:

Engaging With An
Unfamiliar Audience Or
Customer Group
Upgrading Customer
Launching A New
Product Or Service
Overcoming Cultural
Solving A Specific
Critical Issue
Pivoting Or Diversifying

We Value Human Centric


The benefits of a human-centric approach is revealed by the ability to effortlessly attract highly qualified visitors, achieve healthier rates of conversion and engagement, higher customer lifetime value and much-improved word of mouth, reviews and referrals.

Human-centric communications move business through the 'know-like-trust' journey with clarity and purpose.

How We Help Business To

Overcome Challenges

this is your bussines
Your business enters a new marketplace
where customers are unaware of your
product or service.  Their style of comm-
unication feels unfamiliar to you.
Our Role
Inter-cultural communications
dissolved cultural barriers
Business storytelling
engaging content that starts conversations
Your business enters a new marketplace
where customers are unaware of your
product or service.  Their style of comm-
unication feels unfamiliar to you.
The above example is based on engagement with client:
Wave Growth - growth consultancy  company, offices in
US & Poland
view another example

Working Together



We see ourselves as a close partner, taking on your mission as if it's our own, while simultaneously providing the benefit of a fresh perspective and experienced delivery.

We work with founders, core team, marketing and project leads.

If needed we can bring in our own marketing specialists an asset producers.




Native Speaker Communications provides support in two ways :

Inter-cultural communications - dissolve cultural barriers
Build relationships - inspire and move people to stay connected
Business storytelling - engaging content that starts conversations
Solve specific problems - overcome an obstructing issue
Branding in words - a distinctive, relatable tone for all your communications
Productization - make a service or process more accessible.
Content creation
Create messages and descriptions that are uniquely yours
Create a powerful new slide presentation or upgrade an existing pitch/sales deck
Transform your website's content so it communicates at a whole new level
Business narratives for social media, press releases, email marketing campaigns
Also: video scripts, UI/UX writing for software products, business plans, whitepapers, internal training materials and workshops.





Clarify desired outcomes
Fully understand context
Identify problems & opportunities
Interview key people
Report: what works vs what can be improved
Describe improvements
Trials & tests
Finalise production of content & materials
Rollout content &materials
Monitor & refine
Provide updates
Value add suggestions


a growth consultancy company serving enterprise customers and software development partners.
Wave Growth commissioned Native Speaker Communications to provide extensive consultancy and content creation services
view case study